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Energy Healing

We are but an energy in the body, we continuously manifest our physical appearance and presence in this pocket of the universe. Feeling good in all aspects of our existence is our natural form of being, therefore any deviation from feeling good creates pressure, pain, blockage, degeneration of our natural defense mechanisms, etc. When thought is your energy’s process in manifestation to the physical body, then thoughts of malaise are manifestations of unnatural energy formations. 

Energy healing is a restoration mechanism from aspects that hurt, are confusing, are leaving us anxious, to our natural state of being in perfect content, curiosity, and flow. 

Energy healing does not only address energy blockage of energy signatures from this lifetime as well as past lifetimes, whether be here, or elsewhere. It also affects the physical body, as it should, after all our physical appearance and our surroundings are but merely a physical manifestation of our energy presence in physical reality as we see it, as well as the energy world as a joint energy collective. 

What I can do for you is help you balance your energy presence in your body, recreate your blocked energy to one of flow, and help you get in touch with your energy self so you may regain your focus and natural state of wellbeing.

US$150 – Limited Time Offer

All sessions duration are up to 1 hour!

Psychic Readings

When we start to be more aware of who we are, the natural instinct is to be curious about where we came from and what our purpose is. There are different levels of tapping into one’s energy. Tapping into every single one of them starts with a request for help, and continues with allowing for the change to happen.

With each information requested, one asks for a tap into a deeper level of what is already known, but avoid just because its understanding is not yet on the same level as manifested reality, and a catalyst to bring it closer is needed.

Consider me that catalyst, but make sure you feel the draw to the energy I am, as one thing that I guarantee is a change in your energy field, which you need to be ready for. And keep in mind, the future is not set in stone, it is a flow, and one can leap from A to Z in a split second or drag from A to B for an entire life, this process is not up to me when it comes to Your life. Your future is your own Decision! Your own Free Will.


All sessions duration are up to 1 hour!




I’m Judy Nyssa

My physical reality has always been One with the energy world. Reading and shifting energy is a natural process, part of who I am. I can see, feel, smell, taste and read energy. It has been my everyday “normal” in full awarenesses since I was 6 years old.

But enough about me, the real question is what I can do for You.

I am an energy healer, and when I shift the energy flow from stagnation to flow, from blockages to healthy vibration, I experience the full concept of what is going on in your life, which is absolutely up for a conversation if you so desire.

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